Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Global Game Jam 2016

Cool if you guys haven't heard, here in Atlanta we had the biggest game jam site in the world at one point. Last year we were all at SCAD before the tragic health complications of one of Atlanta's game mentors. So everyone left but I ended up doing my game from home. Never made a trailer, and still working on it, but it was my game Third Wheel if you see it in the future. This year we decided to split up in 3 different spots, SCAD, GSU, and Southern Poly or now KSU. I chose the normal KSU spot to solo dolo again. Crazy how many people were there and 60% were first timers.

So because my last jam session was such a success (the Rockstar Jam), I wanted to use the same tactics and scheduling. However what slowed me up a bit I wanted to make a specific game once we all went to start working (3 hours after we started), but even then I changed my design. I'm glad I did, I wasn't feeling the old one anymore. However I end up going a route that made me work in 3d and with code I didn't use everyday. Not a bad thing but I wanted to work on a simple, easy project, and all of this put me a day behind schedule. But with all the upsets, I think I pulled through pretty good. Honestly I wanted to just focus on making pretty pictures and spend a day making a trailer... Because I learned my lesson from past jams.

Finally what you've been waiting for... my entree for the Global Game Jam 2016. The theme was "Ritual" by the way. Think survival mode in MineCraft with Patapon crafting controls while you try to build your village, army, and crops like a god game. I like it, must continue...

Here are the rest of games from the KSU campus, a few good ones I think

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