Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Etsy Shop!

So I started a new store... It was tough picking between shopify and etsy, but honestly I can't afford another monthly bill and want to just test the online store theory lol. I mean I still have my Society 6, and it's great... but it's that kind of store. I'm looking for an all-purpose hub to start selling my paintings. So I started one and it seems legit. I'll buy some SEO for it to generate some traffic and see if my works are loved by the populous.

So I just started with a few of my recent little works of awesomeness (will blog about them soon). Check them out here and give me some feedback please on the storefront. Is this a better method you would want to buy stuff from me? Do you want to see more sexy art? Should I get a shopify and be more professional?

I'll figure out a way to use my Society 6 through etsy if it's a success... I just really wanna get into this selling art bit. So prints and originals are being orchestrated for the use of the masses. Thanks... now GO... Click here!

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