This is me, Ron Jones...
  -Digital Artist
  -Game Designer
  -Indie Developer
  -Sequential Artist

  I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta where I studied to become a Game Designer in the Game Art and Design program. With my degree, I want to develop games and be the best at it. My technical skills (I LOVE Photoshop and Unity 3D), inspire me to draw and write Graphic Novels and develop Indie Games. Hopefully I will be publishing a book and/or a game very soon.

  But over all I just love life, new experiences, and learning all that I can. I'm the former President of my school's Student Leadership Council where I was able to bring the student community together and launch my career at the same time. I always try to stay busy, focusing on and learning different things in my life at the same time. I love my friends and family, never burn bridges, and stay a positive person. Thank you for visiting my blog, please give me any feedback you would like, so when I make it to the top, you will be on my thank you list.

God bless.