Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Keep Moving

I really hate these long breaks in my posts, it's not a good look for my future "Yeah I'm always doing something fool" reputation. The last post was back in April and like omg... So much has happened since then. So I'll prolly do some back-to-back posting here just to get us all up to date. Maybe if I keep them short and kool-aid sweet... I kinda want to post more personal feelings and strides but those are so boring right lol. Visuals and milestones is what I was originally shooting for, but whatev's
PS If anyone can tell me if this counts as a Dev Blog or not... I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong

Okay so a quick outline maybe... Momocon 2015 would prolly be first on the list. It definitely grew since last time I've been. They started a whole Indie Game section and actually got some great press and attention with it. After showing my game off there I organized, under the Indie Cluster of course, my first game jam. I held it at my house (house party style) and had one other participant behinds me. Lame I know but it was a huge milestone for me and this group of mine. I made an awesome tower defense called SIEGE Tower. After that I was working with a partner on going into full development with my game White. That was a bust but I learned some things about the direction I want to go. The #IndieDEV podcast is getting to be a regular thing getting the world familiar with us and our games... as our local events get Atlanta and our game community rep'n the Indie Cluster like groupies. It's really awesome having an idea of mine be accepted and supported like this. So much so we had a crazy presence at SIEGE 2015 AND got to host a Suite Party on Saturday night. Not to mention we got to do a live recording of the podcast and I was invited to speak on a panel, or to "rant" on a panel. I was so busy, got barely any sleep, and just felt the love from everywhere...

But even with all of that, I still feel like I standing still too often. Watching my life waste away or not taking advantage of whats in front of me. One thing I'm glad I have been embracing more is partnerships and team work. Asking others for help and putting things in place so projects get done and not just up to me... Maybe if could do that more, I wouldn't always feel like I'm worthless. That feeling of connection and being able to motivate and advance others is a great high.

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