Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#IndieDEV the podcast

     So I talked about it a little in a previous post, but this thing called The Indie Cluster is really getting me excited. I've been turning the small little booth at SIEGE into a traveling booth and online community ever since it's inception. It feels like I'm getting more and more support from the atlanta game industry as well as a few random indies from around the world. I feel like that's why we're needed so much, because we don't have that system of support in place, atlanta is still growing. So I finally started the website IndieCluster.com with all our games and links ;)

     BUT what I'm excited about is our last form of debauchery. Me and my friends from Soverance Studios started an Indie Dev podcast called #IndieDEV. We basically want it to be a way to shout out atlanta indies, educate our own, and record a journal of our own games and growth. Our first episode taught me how much I need to work on my vocal skills but that's no surprise. I'm just grateful for the willingness to jump on board from my partners and we're looking to do one every month. Thinking about having some filling posts here and there, like an interview, or a playtest session maybe. I really wish I can focus full time on The Indie Cluster and my games, but alas... life. So we'll be building our games, sharing business information and skills, traveling to do live testing, and partnering with local game studios to collaborate. View it on the TigForum Thread here!

Hosted by The Indie Cluster

Sponsored by Soverance Studios

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  1. In all honesty I think your speech is fine. It's not distracting to listen to, so I think that's good enough.

    Thanks a ton for starting this podcast. Really enjoy hearing a group of "Tier 4" indies talk about their experiences so far. As someone with no previous experience who just decided to take this path a few months ago, you guys educate me on a ton of helpful things to prepare for ahead of time.