Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MomoCon 2015

So, one of the greatest initiating moves of my career was me somehow working my way into the expo floor of MomoCon and demoing the new prototype of White-The Last Blood Cell. Last time I showed the game was right after I made it. The 48hr CDC sponsored games for health game jam. Yall remember that and my feelings after the winners were announced lol. Anyway I haven't been to MomoCon for some years now, back when they were on George Tech campus. So this year they experimented with an Indie Game Showcase, award ceremony, and a pool of celebrity judges... Like BRUH they really did it big and actually pulled it off.

Online gaming magazines from the Escapist to Game Informer covered MomoCon's Indie Showcase and put Atlanta on the map. The GGDA was able to acquire a booth, and I was so ecstatic about Andrew wanting me to man it all weekend. I didn't know what expect but I knew I wanted to be there and show off my game. Especially if the judges were going to be there... well mainly one Rami Ismail. For the last year Rami has been my role model in current Indie Activity. Business Development, Team History, and Guerrilla Strategies. Long story short, it was a great and eventful weekend and not only did I meet Rami, I chased after him, made him play my game, and had a photoshoot with him. Completely star strucked...


Real cool dude and topped off the perfect weekend. I meet met so many developers and got to hear their backgrounds and dev stories. I met the Canadian team behind Just Shapes and Beats, the Netherland team making Lumini, and even more local Indies. My first time really feeling like I was apart of a dev family. Hanging out after the Con, drinking with each other every night was dope. But then again it's hard to go wrong when alcohol is in play. I didn't even have a good looking set up my first day... I learned a lot.

The second day bought a 32in monitor to get heads turning and shameless returned at the end of the Con. Traveling crazy important and meeting your fans and fellow devs is critical. Opened me to much more than SIEGE ever did, only because it was a bigger Con. Thus started be on my journey of finding excuses to travel to game events, showing off my games. I'm extremely interested in the crowd that came by the bus loads to MomoCon and not to SIEGE when SIEGE is actually a Game Conference. I got to witness a lot and can't to implement a change in SIEGE and in my own career!

PS along with the cool players, press, and devs that played the game... My first youtuber played it!!!

and a terrible interview of me playing it!!! Still excited though, it's like my first online review!!
Read it here...

Can't wait for next year. Hopefully I'll have a bigger role in the conference and even work the Indie Cluster in this showcase of their's somehow >_>

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