Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RenderBit #FAFAtl

Okay so I haven't blogged about this yet... But as I began to get more involved with the art scene here in Atlanta, I discovered the hashtag #FAFAtl. Which of course stands for Free Art Friday Atlanta!! So the idea is since graffiti is technically considered vandalism, your pieces of art are placed there for someone to pick up and take home. Such a beautiful concept that has been getting popular in major cites. It's almost like a scavenger hunt for your favorite artists. Your fans can follow you on Twitter or Instagram can embark on a journey to find you masterpiece when you take a picture of it and it's location. Okay now that's explained...

So I was completely blown away by this idea, I loved that I can tag something and leave it. This way I can get exposure as an artist, practice pieces and techniques, and not feel bad about it being called graffiti. The only thing I had to do was to figure out my alias and gimmick. So of course I thought about digging up one of my former ideas and aliases. However I decided to go a different route.

Not only did I want to get name brand out there, I needed hands-on practice for my tshirt designs. So I decided to start dropping free art under the name of RenderBit. Since RenderBit Apparel plans to have lots of designs and pieces to market to nerds and artists, I figured this would be a perfect way to gain hype. It's a lot of fun because I've always wanted to practice painting, and it's not like I have the pressure of selling it, making it perfect, or even if someone wants to go out and find it... It makes perfectly good street art!

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