Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Web Comic

FPS is a one page comic series about two friends that have the most awkward, offensive, and satirically creative conversations while playing video games.

So being the massive pile of talent that I am, I have to kick myself in gear at times to use my awesomeness productively. Like my boy Tony Stark taught me, all you need is your mind, your tools, and time to prove yourself a master of the moment. Not to get caught up in the everyday rituals, an artist of creation can literally shape his own path. It's so cool thinking about doing something that no one has ever done before, and actually knowing how to do it. But the part that always gets me stuck is using the extra time that I have to create... So I've been slow on my game dev, and been using my down time to think about short concepts, ideas, conversations that I selfishly want to share. So I started a new one page series that can help me create short concepts, challenge myself to write and illustrate, and keep my portfolio growing. I'm not going to force my attention away, so I'm really curious to see how far this experiment will go.

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