Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Entrepreneur By Default

How many people can say they took on too many hats or hustled too hard and never got anywhere in life...

Ugh nobody... Because even if you deal with the pressure of doing that to yourself and sacrificing everything, you'll still end up with more than what you had. Laws of physics...

Who has two thumbs and can't F'n concentrate on one interest at a time... This guy. Not only with different industries and talents... within each one I seem to have many interests. When I was younger I never thought that I would actually be grinding and making my own games. In school we were "trained" to focus on strengths and leave everything else off your reel. But me I felt like everything I made deserved to be on my final demo. Not sure whether because I never had one particular strength couldn't and decide on one avenue or because I wanted to show that I could do a lot if not it all from concept to completion. Either way... Most of that never got shown because it was too much for one untalented guy to showcase and compete. #StoryOfMyLife...

Disclaimer: Don't try that at home kids

So I've notice pattern with typically everything that I come across in life. From real-estate to singing... I can't do any one thing really good. But I'd always have fun in my little fantasy because I feel like I can grow. I noticed through my interests, I began to obtain a lot of contacts and people who were doing things or rubbed shoulders with people who were doing things. I the same time, the things I did force myself to focus on... Got me close and personal with the ones that actually had the talent. Thus the creation of my network for a better future... The only issue (personal issue) was it was never me in the center of attention or admiration. It seemed that I was destined to be nothing more than the connection in between talents. I'm always around the opportune time when people are looking for a crazy good sketch artist or a backup vocalist. I'm like half of my friends could jump on this and can make a name for themselves. It use to always kill me that I was never good enough to throw my name in the pot. Fortunately this curse/blessing taught me that every industry is the same and can be tackled with a similar business model, with or without talent. I just reallyyyyyyyyyyy wanted the talent. Ah well, I've learned to accept myself and be the best at whatever me is... some would call this being a social intellectual badass.

So in five years if every I can get the notoriety and financial status that I want... What type of career paths I would take? This is why it's so hard to answer the "Whats your five year/ten year goal". I use to have a definitely answer because I was so serious about my future. Still am, I just know anyone of my paths can turn into a slope overnight. Hopefully I'd have some control though in the direction of course. Hmmmm, what to be when I "grow up"... I guess I could start with paths I've invested time and money into already...

Indie Game Developer
Game Designer
Game Writer
Game Publisher
Game Journalist

Comic book Writer
Comic book Inker
Comic book Colorer
Comic book Publisher

Animation Artist
Background Artist
Storyboard Artist

Web Show Host
Website Developer
App Developer

Digital Painter
Traditional Painter
Street Artist

Apparel Artist
Apparel Designer

Rap Artist
Music Producer


Event Organizer
Art Professor
Real-estate Owner
Angel Investor

Whew.... Nice little bucket list
I actually think that's everything I could see myself doing in life, even if it's not all at the same time. And experience has taught me that it's all possible. So excuse me while I check one off the list...

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