Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tweets to the internets

   I'm actually getting better at being social to the internets... I've discovered a while ago that the issue I have with my posts or creations not seeing alot of traffic is because I don't really have much of a community online. It's incredibly hard to keep up with Reddit, Tig Source, Twitter (Personal and business), Facebook (Personal and business), Instagram (Personal and business), Kongregate, Newgrounds, and Unity3d forums. And that includes following people, checking links, having discussions, replying to tweets, posting on my blog and facebook, and still having an outdated website...

   But I'm kinda exited about having things retweeted and people talking back on twitter... interactions like those is how I'm slowly building my fan base and getting more followers and interests in facebook, twitter, my blog, instagram, and my youtube. Once my following becomes bigger it'll be easier to sell or get shared or retweeted....

My Twitter
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   The forums are a whole different story... I honestly feel like people just like reading, or just like entertaining ignorance on the internet. Which neither one is the case for me, I wish I could spend hours having a deep conversation about game design techniques. Then shoot a couple of links to my current game and have it become crazy popular. I feel like the most successful indie games today were because of word of mouth (cyber mouth). And me not talking much, makes me rely only on product (which isn't existing yet). But I'm trying to blog more and slowly get in to forums :/


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