Monday, August 11, 2014

Growing into an Indie Developer

I gotta say... Lately been hella excited about my career and my talents. I feel like I'm unstoppable at times. I've known I've wanted to be Indie for years now, but now I know how to be Indie. How to do the things I've wanted to do and where I fit in the world and industry of gaming culture. Game devs are going to be the rock stars of this generation and by the time it blows up, I'll be a BOSS at it.

So I've blogged about my growing obsession with twitter and how it's helping me communicate. So I started another one to bring together local artists in Atlanta. Two weeks in, I've learned so much and made so many connections just in the area. I knew I was missing out on a lot, and that twitter page was for me to build a community that I would be apart of.

to check out the Atlanta's art scene follow LameBoy Behavior

Another thing I'm excited about is me picking a launch date for the beta of my current game ABZ's called "Pop Quiz"... I did it basically to push myself, gain some attention pre-release, and because this game deserves to be scene. If I do a good enough job on it I can bring more attention to the applications of it and make some money while I finish developing the full version. I've started to talk to publishers and portals and can't wait to link them to the game. I'm launching it on Aug 20th 2014

Bringing even more excitement for to the release of that, I have a great game idea I can't wait to start on. I want to take advantage of this create and move spirit that I'm having. I lot of game devs spend a few years working on a game that the finish polishing. But I've seen a couple of Indie devs, where they work on a game for a couple of months and release it. Then it gains some attention and people get to know or at least see a couple of games made by you. Its a great way to build a nice resume, and just to use the creative game making juices that makes you such a great Indie...

And speaking of Indie... If I never talked about it much before, I love being about of SIEGE and Atlanta's game scene. So after a series of shrugs and surprisingly meaning-some dialog, I'm coordinating the Indie scene of this year's SIEGE conference. We decided on doing an Indie showcase in the expo hall. Much like Indie MegaBooth and others, it's for Indie games to make it to the conference that wouldn't normally be able to. The more I think about it, the more I get excited about it. So, obviously, I took it upon myself to build the Indie community here in Atlanta because it's not really there... I mean its there, but there's no real communication, list of events and tools, or just one twitter account to follow to promote Atlanta Indies and make them aware of each other. Sooooo I made one :D. Hopefully this will bring everyone together. I plan on using it to showcase at SIEGE, promote year round, give special offers and discounts to members, and other fancy stuffs. Might even be an opportunity to make some money... Dev's gotta eat

check out the Indie Cluster

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