Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crank Down

Man... I'm near the home stretch. I really didn't mean to take so long to post, but so much has been ahappening. I ment to post about how school ended and show what I did, and post where career decisions have been taking me. Nothing necessarily tangible, but a lot of mental growth has occurred over the break.

I started this blog of course so I can show someone online the little talent that I do have, but also so myself and others can witness my own personal growth, not just in my work but in my decisions, opportunities, and thought process. I think it's becoming a success and will be a prominent piece in my career. I'm glad I started it when I did and will recommend everyone getting one. Growing is one of the most important qualities of living, and I really like looking back every now and then.

This quarter I'm in pre-portforlio class and hopefully will convince my teacher that I can make a living out of the little pieces of these industries that I love to do. With my teacher on board, I'd be able to do my personal work in the class room which would almost guarantee my work to get done. I've been having a problem the last couple of months of wanting to either do 2d work or 3d work. So I've been painfully doing both, inside class is 3d and game stuff, and outside it's comic and concept. Even though I've realize I draw to the 2d talents of mine, I'm in the Game Art and Design program, so I have to concentrate on 3d. I may go into detail about me and this struggle someday, but hopefully I've found a happy medium.

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  1. Ron I am so excited for u.. U have come so far.. keep going homie... keep growing homie... well growing in age & spiritually... physically I think you are fine but keep learning dude you are going places :-)