Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Logo

So I was just looking at my friend's design entry of an "R" for a logo contest, and it got me thinking about entering my own submission. But be too lazy to put that much thought into it for someone else, I decided to scrap the whole idea. However I started playing with shapes and juxtapositions in my head for this "R" just because, and it's still my initial. Long story short, I hopped in Photoshop and rendered this, this composition in the middle of the night and decided to use it as a potential logo of mine =D
And this is playing with the concept. I like the "vector"ness of it and how it allowed me to have multiple schemes. I got a chance to play with the color schemes and palettes, also using different effects.

I'll probably use the "vector"ness as a start and go back on top with more effects, shapes, or just something to make it stand out... Hmm

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