Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 Sides references

So here's the deal, now I actually need my blog for class so hopefully I'll be prone to actually posting faster. I'm a Level/Game Designer in my Pre-Portfolio class, so I'll be concentrating on design, and even try to sneak some 2d somewhere.... like concept.

This first project is very different from whats been done because of it's simplicity. I want to concentrate on the level design and for class, I'll probably be building it in UDK, to be faster. However I designed and themed the game separate enough to where when I have some time, I can put it in UDK moble (because we have it now) or Unity (of course) and make it official. This is the first step of my project, it's a little late but here are some references.

I meant to also be posting some walk-throughs of a test area but it had a problem saving so the next thing I would post would be the actually level design... I have less than 3 weeks to finish it, wish me luck.

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