Thursday, January 21, 2016


So by far the coolest thing that's ever happen to me, I'm SOooo freaking excited. I really don't win things, not like this....

So I came across a GDC Scholarship partnering with the group I Need Diverse Games. They started off as the hashtag #INeedDiverseGames and have grown to be working with the biggest game focused conference in the world. Obviously I wanted to make myself sound like Barack Obama; but writing everything down, I was actually already doing a lot that matched their mission. The program helps launch minorities, the LGBT community, women, and others into the mainstream game industry. It's a great platform to give an individual a voice about his or her game. It's a cry that... other people make games too. I won an All-Access (crazy right) pass to this years Game Development Conference. Now I just need battle plan!

So I'll try to focus on talking about my game White and the Indie Cluster. I need like 5,000 business cards. Maybe I'll show one of my mobile games off. Point is I can't wait to network and party my azz off, while being a professional lol.

I've actually been thinking about this diversity thing for a while now. I'd like to congratulate my industry for seeing the importance of a diverse mind, culture, and background. A lot of industries don't use their opportunities, some even push it away. They continue the ignorant paradigms and tropes that at the end of the day, hurts and hinders their own culture. Having mixed faces in front and behind the camera guarantees a better product being better received. 2015 saw a lot of progressive efforts from small programs to large companies, bringing people of underrepresented communities to the fold. Shout outs to you guys!!

So in summation lol...
So appreciative of this opportunity!

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