Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Still Alive

Man oh man... It takes a while for one to get back on his feet and doing his thang thizzle.

Hmm not sure where to start... I got a job as a server! Prolly the best news since graduation. I've been able to make my own money and support myself for months now. I have my own place, eat my own food, and pay my own bills. Feels pretty good.

I work full time and try to work on little things here and there. I'm almost done with my game ABZ's, at least the beta. Now the challenge is to learn how to publish and port properly. I started painting... just cause lol I felt like buying spray paint, brushes, and canvas. but haven't made a masterpiece yet.

Some fun news I'm on the edge of printing my first batch of designs for my Tshirt line, RenderBit. I've have so many designs and much more I want to throw on a shirt. Can't wait until everyone knows of the name.

I just turned 25... somewhat depressing. However it's been motivating me to do more in my spare time. I'm in the middle of prime, and yet not where I wanted to be in my career. But I know God has a plan... and there's so much on the horizon.

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