Sunday, January 20, 2013

Catching Up

It's been a couple of months... I guess things got real busy with SIEGE and then me working in New York with my dad. I'm telling you, I envy people in that city. If you're independent, it's the best place to be. So many people walking by everyday. Such an energy to help you do what you got to do that that day. I think when I get some more cash, I'm gonna start my tshirt line. I just need a good contact up there to help me sell... hmm. But I'd prolly just go to retail stores individually and focus on online sales.

I finally started my Facebook Fan Page
So please everyone go to it and "like it" to help my name spread. After I finish posting all the current art I want to post, then I'll use it to help sell things from my store. I'll also be using it to promote my games when the time comes. My empire has started :D

Other than that, of course it's been hard finding a job, in or out of my industry. I'm still working on a few, but as of now I just something to help get by. Me and my father have something planned for the summer that I'm praying we can work out. We been working on it for a year, and taking the next steps to make sure we do it right. Other than that, I'm just still trying to do art here and there. Living off other people is getting tiring...

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