Saturday, July 21, 2012

Indie Living

It's funny how I say I'm a pro now... Then I drop of the face of the earth right. HEYYY people, yes I'm back and hopefully will be posting work like I use to.

Okay so what happened after SIEGE, I actually did get picked up by a studio. I was a contracting artist for the first time in my life. It wasn't a live off the salary job, but I did get paid and had the ability to say I was working. The company was a new Atlanta studio named Drowning Monkeys. I was able to work online while I went back home in South Carolina. My role was helping with the textures and particles. I did that for a few months until the game Dungeon Crawlers got released on the iPad!!!

Okay so I got that under my belt, and after that I didn't have much of a direction. My student loans started, so I've been running from the government ever since. Man it's such a stress knowing how much you owe and not having money and knowing it won't stop for YEARS lol. It's cool, it was worth it. So now I was rolling from job to job to pay for the things I had to pay. Sadly I was becoming this man who just lived check to check not enjoy his life CAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING TO DO. Anderson, South Carolina is such a small town with no real energy and industry, it doesn't really compare to Atlanta. So honestly that's why I stopped posting, wasn't much going on or reasons for me to make stuff happen. At this time I definitely realized I needed to be back in Atlanta, with friends that was involved in the same things I was in.

So I did more the last month, than I did in the 6 months before that. And I love how my blog is still getting traffic, so I was to get it up to date. I've been working on Flyers, Business Cards, Illustrations, Comics, Graphic Tees all in my free time when I'm not enjoying my life. I've been researching about being a artist, selling designs and paintings. I just started a Society6 page so I can sell some works and spread my name.

It's time to find out who I am as a person and as an artist, so I can express myself to the fullest and enjoy my life.

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