Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm a Pro now

Wow, okay so a lot has happened since the awesomeness of the Portfolio Show...

The show was great, I felt like I really stood out the way that I needed to. I didn't when Best In Show -__- , not even Outstanding Contribution to the Industry -__- .... But I brushed that off and just focused on proving myself. I think I had a lot of great interests throughout the day. I learned so much just by hearing myself and what people had to say about my work. Definitely a needed experience, just wish the school gave more time or more dates to tell everyone "hey, stop what you're doing and look at the graduates". I think something like would be beneficial on both parties. I didn't necessarily snag a job at the show, but i didn't expect to.

Luckily I was confident enough to expect not to get a job at the show, but me to keep doing my thing and develop on my own. So that meaning that I moved back home to Anderson, South Carolina... Sadly, this did nothing for my career because I didn't get much work done. So for a month in Anderson, then coming back to Atlanta for SIEGE, I had nothing more then the "okay" portfolio I had in my show. But I guess it was okay, because I came to SIEGE marketing myself and my skills more than my projects.

Now the awesomeness that was SIEGE... I will always love SIEGE for what it means, what it did for the industry, what it's doing for my career, and what it's doing for my love of life. There are so many reasons why and how I enjoyed myself this year. There was definitely more people than last year. More studios, more students, more volunteers throughout the weekend. So that means get to enjoy the relationships I've made in the past with drinks and discussions, and I'm blessed to create new relationships with new "powerful" and awesome people in this industry. I'm talking first name basis with these people, which you can't beat. I was the Speaker Liaison again this year, and I put me in front people and professionals that came to love me, understand me, and could educate me. And I need everyone to understand that all of that greatness was only half of it. The other half is the FUN and amount of it through the whole thing. The goodies, the prizes, the FOOD, the (professionally inspired) alcohol, the girls, the atmosphere, the parties, and the friends are really something that I would just attend just to have.

Such a great experience. I have pictures and videos lol on my facebook page, so check those out. I'm crossing my fingers at a couple of job opportunities as well. So all in all, I love SIEGE, love my life, and love my industry. Honestly, I appreciate my start into this field and hopefully making all the right moves. Live and love is what it's all about, and I can't do it alone. Thanks

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