Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The HHS Game Jam... and My Salt

So I've been meaning to post for a while... things kinda got away from me. I was going to rant about my excitement for the HHS Game Jam 2014 (CDC Game Jam 2014), but now you get to hear my rant on my perspective and the game I made.

Okayyyy so I wasn't going to go to SPSU's game jam this year because of me having to pay bills and because of what happened last year. But I sacrificed because I had faith in myself and them this year. Omg I could rant forever about my team, the judges, and how the government shut down... shut down what little chance we had. But I won't, I'll just say last year was the first time the CDC (yes the actual CDC) decided to throw a game jam because they wanted to test the idea of people making games for health. And it was a huge success, and I was blessed to be apart of it. However the main reason our team (besides team issues) didn't win was because the judges couldn't see our game on the projector, it was too dark. So it was the complete shaft we got. THIS year... Was even bigger because they got funding from the HHS and the government. I decided to do it myself because I'm a badass, and was fed up with team issues at game jams. So I bust my ass in a corner for 48hrs. Almost killing myself with the health issues, being antisocial, and focusing on just the title so I can actually fund myself living and developing with the prize money. Tell me why they still wanted a trailer made of the prototype, and I felt like they judged solely on that. When they're projector was flickering through everyone's demos anyway. Soooooo obviously me trying to reach out to tell the CDC that them judging based on videos is the wrong way to do it, didn't get through to them. I'm not pissed that I didn't win, I'm pissed at which games made it to the semifinals over mine... I'll let you be the judge

but if I have an actual game that is fun first, yet informative and engaging, I would pick that up before I pick up a health looking game (which is the biggest reason no one plays games for health/education)... I feel like it shoulda been considered over a board game with HIV on the cards and a movie trailer... But maybe I'm just salty.

Video games are the ultimate art form... you can't judge them like music (hearing), or like movies (visual and hearing). They contain the missing element of interaction, and their main quality is the experience it puts you in and feelings that are invoked while you there. Which can only be displayed through gameplay or how the games should've been judged "play testing"... They are 48hr prototypes, there not going to make a good trailer. I kinda feel I shouldn't have to make an award winning trailer, I should focus on the gameplay and content... But like I said, I'm prolly just salty. Didn't put sound in (prolly why I didn't win) but here's my trailer

So sorry about venting like that... I have no regrets because I got an awesome game concept out of it. I'm extremely proud of it and stoked I was able to do it and create awesome without a team. I'm still incredibly thankful for the SPSU, the volunteers, and the CDC for being awesome to even give me the opportunity. They're the best, I'm just looking forward for a better future. Initially I was just gonna not finish it. But I'm thinking about working on it and hoping it gets popular because I believe it can help raise awareness, and so I can have the option to ignore the CDC when they ask to be apart of it lol... yeah I'm salty

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