Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't fall too behind

Okay so I've actually been doing some stuff without even posting about them.... sooooo I guess I can spill it to help me post it faster lol. I finished the Alpha.6 version of my game Vector Art and uploaded it to Kongregate.com. Encountered some interesting first experiences, but it making me a better developer right.

A small kind of "personal challenge" I started working on was a game called Grumpy Faces. I decided I want to focus on showing my game developer skills so I started thinking of ways to make small published games. This game is just the challenge mode of it's full version, but if it's fun and playable it might score me points.

I've been slacking on making videos of my other levels in Unreal because my school changed its version. So I have to install my version on my hard drive and run it at the school because my computer is to slow for good quality.

In class I'm working on my Google Sites webpage... I really wanted to create my own, but I'm running out of time and must work with what I have.

Hopefully I'll be able to show a lot more art (comic pages, concept art, coloring) on my blog and website because I still want 2d art to be a part of my portfolio. I can't work on anything now because I'm swamped with my 3d work that I'm behind on.

I still must finish my Card design... finish at least the Beta of Vector Art by wednesday... Start working on Links by Thursday... and Start working on 6 Sides again in about a week...

smh wish me luck!

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