Saturday, March 26, 2011

Questionable Design

Ugh... this design stuff is annoying at times. There are only so many ways to make a game, true or false? The reason I wanted to start designing game is because I always found something different I would do with a title. I got in to indie games because they were so perfect and showed more opportunity for originality. I can't stand seeing games that look a like or give me the same feeling that I've felt before. But really, who's to say what copied what. Everything nowadays are blending so much together.

Every first person shooter is a copy of another one, true or false? The only thing that differs is the interface and the story. Every platform has a beginning point and an end point. Every fighter is your party verses my party. What does game design really mean, and why does it get applied to some and not others...

A game that is fun and keeps you playing is the only thing that matters, true or false? Does it even matter at times? Casual games are notorious for that. I wish I had a little more science on the theory of game design. It really interests me because of it's "make your own definition" factor. But again, that makes it all the more difficult... Ugh, where's my mentor at?...


  1. You can Change the Game by any means, it's all about delivery and if it's good then it's all about the marketing.

  2. "What copied what" is often a less valuable analysis than "what honored what" by taking what it saw in an earlier title and improving it or modifying it in some positive way. So much of creativity is seeing something you like and making it somehow better. In games, that can mean a new context, mechanic, design techniques or so on. Don't worry about doing something completely original when you can focus on doing something good. Of course, original and good is even better.