Saturday, November 20, 2010

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I can't wait for the holidays, it is and has always been my favorite time of year. Food, Family, and Fun all the time. And the is year might mean a little more to me.

These pass few weeks have been a little eventful but let me tell you what I got out of it. First, I now have access to Digital Tutors tutorials and The Gnomon Workshop tutorials. I'm learning a great deal everyday, I really recommend them. Next, this week was the last week of my internship with World Touch Gaming. It was definitely an experience that I'd recommend to anyone who's interested in asset modeling or a complete game pipeline.

Last, I only have three quarter left until I graduate. Hopefully I'm setting up my classes right and won't fail anything this quarter. If it goes well, then I only have two classes at night next quarter. That means I'll have AMPULE opportunity to work on my own stuff... All my games, all my novels, all my portfolio work... And I'm not picking up anymore responsibilities.

I'm really focusing on cherishing what I have right now, in more ways than one. That includes my future and my time. I really just don't want to take or use anymore excuses, people are going to know I'm serious...

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