Monday, August 2, 2010

Next Three Months

Wow you guys... talk about busy. How did I just get like crazy blessed all at the same time. I'm not sure if I've ever been this loaded with titles and things to do.

First, I finally got this job at the US Gaming Arena. I'm the Marketing Rep, and I get paid on commission. So that means I have to go out and hustle so I can get paid (not that I'm not use to that).
Second, I got an Internship (which is like impossible in Atlanta) with World Touch Gaming. Me and 4 others are going to be developing the art, graphics, and effects for two casino games.
Third, I'm finally in the classes that I been wanting to be in since forever, Level Design. Since I want to call myself a Level Designer, I'm really trying to focus on the class and project. Plus the other classes will help advance my skills.
Fourth, I'm the Speaker Liaison for the SIEGE conference here in Atlanta. I'll be handling all the speakers coming to the conference, and well be their go-to-guy in person.
Fifth, I'm the Event Coordinator for AIA's PhoeniCon, and that has to be better than last year's. It's so much fun organizing your own conference.
Sixth, I want to start development on this game with my partner to enter it into the IGF competition. I really want to do one this year, because next year would be last year entering as a student.

Phew... and that doesn't include anything on the side. The problem with having all of that right now is they all (minus the job) have roughly the same deadlines. My internship is over on Oct 17th, same as the deadline for the IGF main competition. My classes end middle of Sept, SIEGE is 2 weeks after that, and PhoeniCon is 2 weeks after that... So yeah, the next 3 months is going to be crazy (like impossible crazy, too bad I don't believe in impossible(not to sound chessy lol)). However if I survive (with no money by the way), I'll be expecting a crown for the king of awesomeness.

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