Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where have I been?

Hey my lovely few number of fans... I just started classes again and I'm finally taking the Game Modeling class... So I will have some good 3D work to show in a couple of weeks. Also I am still working on the script of Spoon, my web-series The Artist, my card game Chain Mail, and other techniques and artwork... So I'll posting that up as well.

YES got a laptop for Christmas... downloading everything!

Also I want everyone to check out and log on to Kaneva... Kaneva is a 3D environment where you and your avatar can dance in clubs, chat with friends, go shopping (in-world clothes and gifts), or just hangout at your house and watch movies on your TV... I especially recommend it to clothing designs, flash game developers, and 3D modelers because you can design, upload, and personalize your home, your club, even your arcade... not to mention selling your designs... So yeah, Awesome, I will post up more information and my account (to add me) later on when I have stuff to show... kaneva.com... GET ON IT

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